creating and ordering a funeral order of service and other funeral stationery

A Guide to Choosing Your Funeral Stationery

Events such as funerals or the death of a close relationship can be excruciatingly disturbing. In such a scenario planning a funeral of your relative and choosing your funeral stationery can be tiresome, and stressful.

Planning the funeral of one of your closest friends or a dear relative is always painful and incredibly heartbreaking. Planning funerals is a huge responsibility that includes sending out invitation cards, making arrangements for the ceremonies, selecting funeral stationery, and whatnot. Moreover, as funerals are always planned in a short span of time it is nearly impossible to manage everything together in such a small time.

Selecting your funeral stationery design, content and other minor details can be tough for you to plan therefore we are here to help you throughout this process. The correct way of choosing the stationery for a funeral is a full-fledged process that must be followed while taking important yet sensitive decisions. As you have only a small time to plan everything you must choose something that is beautiful yet simple.
To make this complicated process easy for you and to be able to make all your decisions relating to the selection of funeral stationery beautiful and useful, read this thread till the end.

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The first step in the process of selecting useful, simple, and beautiful funeral stationery is to figure out what are your requirements.

The requirements of your funeral stationery depend on the kind of cards, books, and other things that you might require. During this selection process, you might feel that you need to buy all kinds of stationery, however, you will need only a few of them.

While selecting the funeral stationery make sure to only choose the ones which you will actually require. Moreover, you must also consider the cost price, time, and other important details while making stationery-related decisions.

To give you a helping hand we have curated a list of items that you might need to buy as a part of your funeral stationery.

One of the most essential pieces of funeral stationery is the funeral announcement card. These funeral announcement cards are the only piece of communication via which you can invite the attendees of the funeral. A funeral announcement card is sent to all the people at least 1-2 days in advance. A funeral announcement card is supposed to be extremely simple yet beautiful. No bright colours or attractive designs are necessary for a funeral card. This card is used to invite the guest to the funeral and also to communicate the time, date, and place of the funeral ceremony.
A funeral card must contain the following details in a simple yet elegant format.

  • Details such as the name of the deceased person
  • Date of the funeral ceremony
  • Place of the funeral ceremony
  • Time of the funeral ceremony

Another important piece of item that must be included in the list of required funeral stationery is Funeral attendance cards.

A Funeral attendance card is an item that is used to mark your presence at the funeral. The funeral attendance card is marked by all the guests who attended the last ceremony of the deceased. This card is filled by all the guests and is given to the family of the deceased so that they will remember that you were present to support them in the toughest times.
These attendance cards are arranged by the family of the deceased and are later on given to all the guests who are present in the funeral ceremony.

The family of the deceased can use these cards, later on, to send a gratitude card to say a “Thank you” card to all the guests who showed up and supported them during their tough times.

A funeral condolence book is a stationery item that must be a part of your funeral stationery. This item of funeral stationery is of course not necessary but is a beautiful way of commemorating someone’s life. The funeral condolence card is arranged by the family of the deceased or from the side of the person who is making all the funeral arrangements. This funeral stationery item is used to collect condolence messages or wishes from the guests who attended the funeral. The guests who are present at the funeral must make sure to write a sweet and heartfelt note for the family of the deceased to show them their love and support. The condolence book is also popularly known as the guest book in the funeral ceremony.

Such funeral condolence books are irreplaceable keepsakes and are remembered by the family of the deceased forever.

One of the most beautiful yet mesmerising items that must be a part of your funeral stationery is Funeral memorial cards. This piece of item is arranged by the person who makes the funeral arrangements. The memorial cards are sweet and heartwarming for the guests. Yes, you read it right. The funeral memorial cards are sent from the family of the deceased to all the guests who are present at the funeral ceremony of their loved ones. The memorial cards are used as a token of the memento of the funeral. This is a sweet way of appreciating the presence of the guests from the side of the deceased family.

In case you are looking for cost-cutting from the funeral stationery budget then surely this item is not mandatory however it is definitely appreciated by the guest who receives one.

The one thing that is incredibly important and should not be overlooked from the list of funeral stationery items is the funeral order of service.

This funeral stationery item includes all the details of the funeral ceremony as well as the lyrics of all the hymns that will be included in the ceremony. This item is to help the guests to know what will be included in the funeral ceremony. The guest can use the order of service to read the lyrics of hymns and follow the priest and deceased of the family. The funeral order service also contains information regarding the start of the ceremony as well as the end.

As mentioned above, ordering a thank you card to send to all the guests who were present at the funeral ceremony is a must-have item on the list of funeral stationery. A funeral Thank you card is sent from the side of the deceased family to appreciate the presence of all the funeral attendees. This way the family can show gratitude to the guest for being there for them in such heartbreaking times.

Another item that is commonly included in the list of funeral stationery is funeral bookmarks. The funeral bookmarks are used as a memento in the funeral ceremony. This funeral stationery is a sweet gesture from the side of the deceased family however your guests will understand if you choose not to send it.

Once you are done selecting all the items which you want to include in your funeral stationery then it is time to select their colours, designs, and content. To finalise these funeral stationery items you must select a neutral colour tone and a simple design for all the items.

As these stationery items are a part of a funeral ceremony there is no need to do anything extravagant or top the notch. Simple designs and neutral colour tones can look beautiful yet elegant at the same time.

Moreover, the design, colours, and other minor details must be chosen on the basis of the personality of the deceased person. All things must align the interests, likes, and dislikes of the loved one who they just lost. All these stationery items are not some simple stationery but have a deeper meaning to the family of the deceased as well as all the guests.

As soon as you are done selecting the design, colours, and other details to finalise the stationery items now is the time to simply place the order. The order of the stationery items must be placed according to the number of guests who are going to be present at the funeral ceremony. Make sure to order the quantity of the funeral stationery according to the number of invited guests, costs, and delivery time.

We hope we were able to help you with all the above-mentioned information. In case of any query feel free to call or email us.

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