Poster printing services in Croydon & South London

Get quotes for vibrant glossy posters printed for events, information notices from ORANGE Printers Croydon, South London. We offer a high-standard Full-Colour printing service.

  • We print vibrant glossy A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 posters!
  • High definition full-colour printing at 1440 DPI for higher detailed images & dense colours
  • Eco-Solvent Inks that last in direct sunlight for years
  • Fantastic for outdoors as well as indoor use

As a leading large format printer serving Croydon and South London, we are able to offer and carry out a range of large format print services using the latest machines. We can offer a high standard Full-Colour printing service whilst still producing a While-You-Wait turnaround using our 64 inch wide format printer (1.6metres) which prints with Eco Solvent Inks that last in direct sunlight for years and is fantastic for outdoors as well as indoor use.

If needed, we can mount all posters on a 5mm foam board for wedding seating plans or any photos, pop-up displays, point of sales which adds strength and structure to the poster, making it easier to stand up. This is also done on-site in our workshop in Croydon.

Our posters are printed in Croydon on 210gsm semi-gloss poster paper for fantastic contrasting and popping colours bursting with life.  We also have 160gsm matt paper for those who need affordable poster printing like architectural drawings prints.


Which poster print size is suitable for me?


  • A4 poster printing is ideal for getting your message across on a budget and is cost-effective. These posters can showcase your event, product, work effectively, especially where space is limited. Our poster printers bursting with colours will ensure that your message will engage your target audience.  These posters can also be printed on vinyl (PVC) plastic so they are ideal for outdoor promotions.
  • A3 poster printing is a great way to advertise menus to customers at the front-of-house as well as promote any special offers currently available to your customers that will definitely catch their attention. These posters are also equally as effectively on display boards at an exhibition advertising your products and services as well as for displaying any seating plans/exhibition stand plans. These posters can also be printed on vinyl (PVC) plastic so they are ideal for outdoor promotions.
  • A2 poster printing is an excellent way to promote big events happening in your area or promote yourself at a business event. These posters can also be printed on vinyl (PVC) plastic so they are ideal for outdoor promotions. The vibrancy of the colours on the A2 posters are stunning and will guarantee to get you the exposure that you and your branding deserve!
  • A1 poster printing is ideal if you have unlimited space available, a good budget and really want to capture everyone’s attention, then you might want to think about A1 posters. These can be used to communicate your message in a striking way and eclipses your competitors. Ideal for advertising promotions and events in huge venues whether it be outdoors or indoors as there is the option to print these posters on vinyl/PVC plastic to withstand extreme weather.
  • A0 poster printing is good for capturing the attention of passers-by on the road, pavement or exhibitions and conferences to let them know of your product/service/event, then A0 poster prints would be ideal for you. These can be printed on vinyl (PVC) plastic so that you can advertise outdoors but printing on vinyl (PVC) plastic will mean that if you use them indoors, they will last even longer than posters printed on paper. If your event/service/product is running over a long period of time, you may wish to consider vinyl (PVC) plastic posters printing.
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