Banner printing

Get quotes for professional banners and poster printing services for events, information notices, or artwork from ORANGE Printers Croydon, South London. We offer a high-standard Full-Colour Copying service whilst still producing a While-You-Wait turnaround

  • We print A4, A3, A2, A1,  A0 posters up to 1.55 meters wide and unlimited length posters!
  • High definition full-colour printing at 1440 DPI for higher detailed images & dense colours
  • 64-inch wide format printer (1.6metres)
  • Eco-Solvent Inks that last in direct sunlight for years
  • Fantastic for outdoors as well as indoor use

As a leading large format banner serving Croydon and South London, we are able to offer and carry out a range of large format print services using the latest machines. We can offer a high standard Full-Colour printing service whilst still producing a While-You-Wait turnaround using our 64-inch wide format printer (1.6metres) which prints with Eco Solvent Inks that last in direct sunlight for years and is fantastic for outdoors as well as indoor use. Our banners are printed in Croydon on 210gsm semi-gloss poster paper for fantastic contrasting and popping colours bursting with life.


Which banner print size is suitable for me?


  • Monster poster prints bigger than A0 will have everyone gawping at your poster! The sheer size combined with the dazzling array of colours jumping at your audience will ensure you make a lasting impression for all the right reasons. Our printers print posters with greater vibrancy, density and detail that makes our posters even more spectacular to look at! We can also print giant roller banners up to 1.55 metres wide and infinite length! We can customise poster measurements to suit your needs. If you really want to stamp on your competitors or ensure maximum attendance at a local event, our large custom-sized poster prints could be what you are looking for! These posters are available on either paper or vinyl (PVC) plastic. If you are advertising outdoors or over a long period of time, the vinyl (PVC) plastic option would be more suitable.
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